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Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon is a modern real-time dungeon crawling RPG. Immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure in the lands of Pohe Fakesys.  This one will lead you to investigate the cause of the returning chaos and darkness.


You, a poor young man struggling to make ends meet, have been summoned by a strange man claiming to be a member of the prestigious Mages’ Guild, to join him on a great quest. In the hope for a better future, you accept his request. Who could refuse to follow such a seemingly eminent member of the Mages’ Guild?

A feeling in the back of your mind tells you that this is related to the strange symbol of a moon on you hand. Your quest will require you to explore the Dungeon Kingdom world, to uncover hidden treasures, solve puzzles and battle dangerous creatures in many areas, from dark dungeons to snowy mountains.


If you enjoyed great games such as Dungeon Master, Elder Scrolls or Might and Magic, this is a game you’ll love! In fact, if you love adventure, exploring dungeons, heroic fantasy and puzzle solving, this game is made for you!

Also note that despite the fact that Dungeon Kingdom is a tribute to those great games of the past, we have worked hard to provide the best graphics on all platforms with next-gen quality!



  • Genre: Dungeon Crawler
  • Developer: Hydro Games
  • Editor:  Hydro Games
  • Platforms: PC


  • Modern real-time dungeon crawling RPG
  • Uncover hidden treasures, solve puzzles and battle dangerous creatures
  • Modern graphics with powerful dynamic lighting and shadows system