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octobre 11, 2018

Bastia Ville Digitale 2018

Smart Tale, and his CEO Charles Martini, are proud to be part of the next upcoming event « Bastia Ville Digitale » with their partner Studia Tech. Our CEO will present the strategy of Studia Group in Augmented & Virtual Realities for the Industry 4.0. More informations:
In parallel with our mobile video game project, we signed a contract with Studia Tech in order to supply them Augmented Reality services. Studia came in contact with Smart Tale to make its documentation more legible, more accessible and seamless. Studia’s wish is to integrate formation in its transformation to the industry 4.0. But, what is exactly the « Industry 4.0 »? Simply, it’s a new way to organise means of productions thanks to the
After few weeks on F1 Mobile and Gear Club Unlimited 2, we are back! The least we can say is that these ones were relaxing and we are more motivated than ever. In addition, a new intern joined us: Elie. He will be here until January 2019 and his arrival allows us to work faster for game development of our new project. During these two last weeks, we continued our work on the mobile prototype.
The perfect game to play with friends: Teeworlds A simple free game! We all have this friend that doesn’t want to spend 0.99€ for a game. He won’t have any excuses anymore with Teeworlds. In term of gameplay, it’s very simple: you shoot, you jump, and you move thanks to a grappling hook and that’s it. In Lan or online, parties are crazy and lively! The board game of the week: Dead of winter A
Last week, I was telling you that we are investigating about the conception of Augmented Reality board game. Above all, know that the final decision hasn’t been taken yet. But since that, we’ve made progress on this matter and we had the opportunity to test how it can looks like in a game. Below this article, you will find some examples of this ones. We realized tests with simple pieces of paper and a smartphone.