Our « Games of the Week »

  • The perfect game to play with friends: Teeworlds

A simple free game! We all have this friend that doesn’t want to spend 0.99€ for a game. He won’t have any excuses anymore with Teeworlds. In term of gameplay, it’s very simple: you shoot, you jump, and you move thanks to a grappling hook and that’s it.

In Lan or online, parties are crazy and lively!

  • The board game of the week: Dead of winter

A board game a little bit complicated to understand the first time because of many rules to assimilate. That said, after a few turns, the game picks up pace. There are many stories to play but the goal is mostly simple: don’t die during zombie invasion. In order to survive, visit places and/or kill zombies. A very fun game which go on for many hours!

  • The mobile game for a coffee break: Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is a very fast addictive game in which you are playing a cowboy armed with a lasso. The goal of this game is simple: to go as far as possible. In order to achieve it, you’ll need to jump and grab on the animals standing on the road before they eject you on the floor. When you finish your run, construct and develop your pens in order to create the biggest zoo.

  • The “Game where you need to be focus”: Relic Looter

Another free good game! In this one, your goal is to collect crystals and relics placed in different levels. Make sure you don’t fall in the traps which are covering the floors, walls and ceilings up to the exit. Despite adds a little bit invasive, Relic Looter has a great design and can be hardcore for an impatient player. In brief, this game is a very good combination of patience and speed!


And you, which game did you play this week?


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