The future is closer than we think: the Industry 4.0

In parallel with our mobile video game project, we signed a contract with Studia Tech in order to supply them Augmented Reality services.

Studia came in contact with Smart Tale to make its documentation more legible, more accessible and seamless. Studia’s wish is to integrate formation in its transformation to the industry 4.0.

But, what is exactly the « Industry 4.0 »? Simply, it’s a new way to organise means of productions thanks to the convergence between the real world and the virtual world. We try to reproduce virtually the entire part of a production line to generate a simulation permitting to technicians to become familiar with various tools and complex methods.

Still difficult to understand?

Let’s take an example: an industrial company has big and complex machines but it needs to train new employees on those machines. Currently, it will have to stop them in order to show how they work, their different components and specificities. It could be very expensive for the company to interrupt these machines and hence … its production. With the Industry 4.0 and Smart Tale, we can virtually create those machines, pieces, mechanisms, etc… at real size! Thanks to Augmented Reality goggles, new employees will be able to virtually train themselves on the device. They would be able to have informations about the pieces, test new methods and, most importantly, learn thanks to practice.

So, a new employee could understand the machinery while the company continues its production.

Health risks and technical mistakes disappear.

Currently, we are making a simulation to show our competences and what we are able to do.

If you want to go further, check this video about Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0:

See you soon!


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