The future looks amazing!

Last week, I was telling you that we are investigating about the conception of Augmented Reality board game.

Above all, know that the final decision hasn’t been taken yet. But since that, we’ve made progress on this matter and we had the opportunity to test how it can looks like in a game. Below this article, you will find some examples of this ones. We realized tests with simple pieces of paper and a smartphone. The result is pretty impressive: supports (paper structures or cards) come to life and create a drone or a shelter for an astronaut.

How can it be possible? It’s simple, an icon present on the card or the paper structure gives some indications to the smartphone through the camera. Those indications can be colors or contrasts for example. After short analysis, this one creates the right shape and displays it on the screen.

This is typically the kind of interaction we want to implement in our game. Most of the cards will have this possibility and it would allow players to have lots of informations on the game: his possibilities, his weakness, his opportunities and so on. The game could become more interactive and strategic. Your experience will be increased thanks to this simple mechanism. This is the future!

Some of you might think that this technology is a popular « gadget ». Personally, I don’t think so. Tell yourself that this « gadget » could bring you other knowledges about the game and show you a bigger universe than the one already existent without the smartphone. I explain myself. We all have a favorite character, that can be in a movie, a tv show or a video game. Now imagine that, thanks to Augmented Reality, the simple act of scanning your card or the face of the character could provide access to his history or his past, in the form of texts, pictures or videos. Interesting no?

In a nutshell, Augmented Reality permits to simply propose a wider and deeper interactive universe than before. Welcome to the future!

See you next week!

PS: We would like to thanks Vuforia and Unity which permit us to do this test thanks to their technology.

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