The last stretch of our prototype!

After few weeks on F1 Mobile and Gear Club Unlimited 2, we are back! The least we can say is that these ones were relaxing and we are more motivated than ever. In addition, a new intern joined us: Elie. He will be here until January 2019 and his arrival allows us to work faster for game development of our new project.

During these two last weeks, we continued our work on the mobile prototype. Settings and dialogues are done, and there is only to implement some animations and more choices in order to make a prototype as close as the final version in term of core features. If everything works out as expected, we should have the final version before the end of the week. We are very excited to show you our work!

Obviously, a lot more work needs to be done before this project be finished, but we realized a great step.

The longest stage in development was to create dialogues and to familiarize ourselves with Articy software. The main perk of Articy is to make us able to separate dialogue writing from the code. We can write new stories and events without bothering to directly modify the code.

For example, it allows us to implement different types of dialogues in our game: Think about multiples choices dialogues or dialogues with conditions. We can take the example of a game where the player has two choices: reach A point or reach B point. According to their choice, game and narration will be completely different than another player which could take the other path. Clearly, it’s not as simple, because we would like to implement many others conditions like the weather, the number of players, the physical and emotional state of a character etc… You can imagine how busy it would look like. I admit it can get confusing.

I hope that we will be able to present our game soon and have your feedback! Your opinion is important to us.

See you next week!


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