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Z-End is a multiple choice narrative game. During the zombie apocalypse, you’ll encounter the mysterious Faye while searching for new members. What secrets is she hiding? Will she join you? Will you be able to overcome the danger of this world?



Zombies overwhelmed the planet. A single bite is enough to join the horde. A few weeks after it began, 90% of world’s population was infected. Survivors now have to fight for survival. North of Craco, the city in which the action takes place, survivors have gathered and build up The community.

You are a member of The community, you were asked to search the ruins of civilisation for other survivors. On your way, you meet Faye, a young woman of sturdy character. Together, you will have to face the dangers of a dying world.


The player may choose between to answers and this way he builds the story he wants. He may also choose the places to visit. Time plays an important part in Z-End. Some choices have to be made in a limited time, whereas some other actions may take time to be achieved.

At any given time, the player may go back to a previous chance and modify it. This way, he may discover another part of the story.



  • Genre: Narrative Game
  • Developer: Smart Tale Games
  • Publisher:  Plug In Digital
  • Platforms: PC & Mobile


  • A multiple choice game
  • The decisions impact the story
  • Typical zombie fiction environments
  • The possibility to rewind the story at any time