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Gear.cluB True racing

Genre : Racing, Sports

Release dateJuly 21, 2020

Supports : Android, iOS


Number of player : 1

Languages : English, French

Scope of service

With 10 millions of users, Gear.Club is a mobile Racing Game developed by the french videogame studio Eden Games. With this success, Eden Games grew massively and Smart Tale was contacted to help them for the project management of the whole team,during this important transition in game development (Unity). We also developed some game concepts based on the founder’s vision for announced racing games.



Gear.Club is more than just a quick adrenaline rush – it’s an authentic automotive world. A realistic driving experience with full simulation of aerodynamics, engines, transmissions, and suspension.

You’ll drive through breathtaking environments and challenge your friends and opponents online in live championships, events, and unlimited races.

Gear.Club offers a full range of car options. Players can obtain, upgrade, and customize some of the most beautiful and prestigious vehicles in their Performance Shop, and view details such as engines and interiors in full HD.