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Genre : E-Book, Manga, VR

Release date : February 28, 2019

Supports : iOS, Android, Switch

Number of reader : 1

Languages : English, French, German

Scope of service

Smart Tale was in charge of the production of a virtual reality animation for comic and manga in the metaverse that was presented at the Angoulême Comics Festival and at the Paris Japan Expo.



Once the headset is on your eyes, you virtually turn the pages of a giant comic book, immersed in a 360° decor. You can access all the content of the izneo library. The albums will remain in 2D but the reading experience will be reinforced by the immersive aspect which isolates the reader from his environment and the apparent dimension of the strips allowing to admire all the details. You can also choose, according to your desires, the sound atmosphere, the decor as well as the display size of the boards.