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My universE : My Baby

Genre : Lifestyle, Simulation

Release dateJuly 09, 2020

Supports : Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Number of player : 1

Languages : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

Scope of service

For My Universe – My Baby, Smart Tale was in charge of the entire production of the game, using all the skills of the team to make and continue to update the game.



Time to become a parent! First title in the My Universe collection, My Baby allows you to take care of your own newborn boy or girl. Keep them happy and help them learn new skills! Choose your next action depending on your baby’s mood: feed them, bath them, change their diapers, play together… like in real life.


Your baby needs you!

Every action contributes to your baby’s happiness and love for you. Use all items at your disposal (toys, plushies…) to motivate them to carry out new actions (standing, crawling, walking…) and unlock more activities.


All grown-up!

Play with your newborn baby, witness their first steps and their evolution through dozens of minigames. Watch your child grow up in size and personality along the way!


Parenting like a boss!

Your efforts are rewarded: the more skills your baby learns, the more items and outfits you earn to personalize your experience.