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The architecT : Paris

Genre : Casual, Construction

Release date : February 25, 2021

Supports : PC

Number of player : 1

Languages : English, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian

Scope of service

Smart Tale Games worked for Enodo Games to develop a demo of their game, from scratch on CryEngine. We wrote all the Game Design documents, the entire development and helped the company to raise funds with success.



Turn the capital of France into a medieval looking city or a futuristic one, build a business district surrounded by parks, create gigantic plazas worthy of the greatest soviet cities, imagine neighborhoods where historical architecture blends in with the most modern designs…

Draw your own buildings with an accuracy never seen before. The powerful brick-to-building system developed by Enodo Games will give you complete control over your projects.

Destroy. Draw. Build. And then, start over as many times as you wish.

Lastly, admire your work, choosing weather and lighting conditions that highlight your new city. Share your creations with players around the world through videos and pictures.