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Since the creation of the studio in 2016, our philosophy has not changed: We recruit talented and motivated people to help the team to level up. It doesn’t matter the gender, origins or religion. We want each one to be proud to be part of the studio and reward them for their work before they ask anything to us.

Whatever the project we are working on, we have the same motivation to go further than what is asked of us.


The experience we have acquired for several years now allows us to offer services in different fields such as: Production, Programming, Art, Design or QA. Our team has various skills that allow us to develop games on all platforms

Web3 Games

We believe Web3 will be the next form of entertainment where players can truly own in-game assets and be part of metaverses. Smart Tale helps companies who wants to be part of actual metaverses or to create their own Play to Earn experiences.


And finally, over the last few years and the skills it has acquired, Smart Tale is also developing is own various games to upcoming in the next years.